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banana_taezar's Journal

Banana_Taezar: we gotta purple like that
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sharing the love of music!
BANANA_TAEZAR is going to become a music LJ community that provides MUSIC FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD!

Founded by Kay (srm_chizuru) with the help of Rokku (rokkugo_ogukkor), banana_taezar got its name through an inside joke and just good ol' randomness, and ta-dah~ A monster music uploads LJ comm was born! Although, Kay wanted to post all types of music, they decided it'd be best to narrow our uploads to Eastern Asian music since the uploaders had most of this type of music.

banana_taezar will post as much music, videos, etc. as possible, and the comm's uploaders will do their best to fulfill any request~! Don't hesitate to join the comm to watch for updates and more available downloads.
Click here to view the rules for uploaders.

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